360° Panoramas in Context

For contemporary art historians, panoramic photographs are an invaluable tool, enabling the viewer to inhabit the site virtually and to analyze the space from multiple viewing angles. Scholars and students can discover spatial relationships between objects and forms in a way that is impossible with still photography.

The Media Center pioneered the application of this technology, and continues to explore the potential of the medium today. Since 1995, we have engaged in numerous photography campaigns, visiting essential sites from the global history of art and architecture, and producing thousands of panoramic nodes. Here we present a small sample from our portfolio, placing the panoramas in context by mapping them to architectural plans.

Chateau du ChambordChateau du Chambord
Kariye CamiiKariye Camii
ShehzadeShehzade Mosque
Pazzi Chapel, RomePazzi Chapel, Florence
Paris OperaParis Opera
Troyes, St. UrbainTroyes, St. Urbain
Yazd MosqueYazd Mosque
Vaux le VicomteVaux le Vicomte