Cartulaire, I, item 162, 209-210, from Arch. Somme, G 672. See also Amiens, Bibl. mun., MS 517, 163 (old pagination, 326 vo).

Renewal of the ordinance concerning daily distributions.
John, dean, and the entire chapter of the church of Amiens to all those to whom these letters reach, greetings in God. Since with the common agreement of the chapter, it was once instituted and confirmed in our church by the archbishop of Reims, Alberic of happy memory, that the resident canons assiduously serving this church should enjoy the benefits of daily distributions, thence more diligently persisting in those things that pertain to God, without whom nothing is valid, nothing holy, since until now this ordinance could not be observed as it should, taking the opportunity, and renewing the said ordinance with the common consent of the chapter, from now on we have allotted to the daily distributions in our church everything listed in the letter of the same archbishop, namely the revenues from Riesmaisnil [Remaisnil, Somme, near Doullens?] and from Bertaucort [Berteaucourt-les-Dames, Somme, near Domart-en-Ponthieu?], the tithe from Oresmiax [Oresmaux, Somme, near Conty] and from Kyrreu [Querrieu, Somme, near Corbie?] and eighty modios from our mills in Amiens, also adding the tithe from Linieres [Lignieres-Chatelain, Somme, near Poix?], and forty modios from the mills there.

The condition contained in the above charter is still in force, namely that if the above mentioned items are not enough for the daily distributions, then the shortfall shall be made up from the remainder of the mills. We have thus determined the form of the distributions in such a manner that at matins when no distributions are made by reason of the feast days or anniversaries, four denarii should be given to each of the canons present at the Benedictus. Moreover, a denarius will be distributed to each canon at every hour provided that at an office which is not performed because of an anniversary, each canon present shall have a denarius. Similarly, as to the vigils of the dead which are not performed for an anniversary. However, when the mass is celebrated outside of the services for the blessed Mary or Saint Firmin, three denarii will be given at the noon hour to each canon present. Also, beyond this, we have ordained, as it was stipulated in the general chapter [held on] the day before [the feast of] the blessed Magdalene, that from now on the accumulated revenue, except for that donated for anniversaries, shall be diverted in perpetuity towards increasing distributions, with no deduction being taken away. Also, through sound counsel, it has been provided and salubriously established that the revenue which is in future given for anniversaries or acquired from money collected to buy the rents for anniversaries shall be completely distributed on the anniversaries themselves, and not assigned toward any other use. Indeed, in these and other distributions, Robert de Wai and Girardus de Conchi and their successors will themselves receive nothing except what pertains to the portion of a single prebend ... etc. Enacted in the year of our Lord 1220 in the month of May.