The bronze tomb of Evrard shows the bishop in episcopal garb flanked by angels with censors and candlesticks. Trampling the beasts and with his right hand raised in blessing, the bishop appears as a type of Christ: compare the Beau Dieu in the central portal, Fig. . The gisant is enclosed in an architectural frame where cusped and crenellated flyers support a great arch in the form of half a quatrefoil framing his head and shoulders. The edge of the bronze slab and the cushion on which the head rests are decorated with repeating patterns: palmettes in the border and lions' heads enclosed in circles on the cushion. The bishop's obit was recorded in the cathedral necrology,"Obitus reverendi Patris Ebrardi, Episcopi hujus ecclesie, qui, propter decorem domus Domini quem dilexit, hujus Basilice fundamenta mirabili structura, ut apparet, locavit." Nˇcrologie, 167.

"Obit of the reverend father Evrard, bishop of this church, who, to the glory of the house of the Lord, which he loved, laid the foundations of this basilica with wondrous work, as is so evident."

"He who provided for the people, who laid the foundations of this edifice, to whose care the city was entrusted: here lies Evrardus, whose good repute was as sweet as balsam; a man [who was] good to oppressed widows, the guardian and defender of the orphans whom he used to protect, who brought encouragement everywhere through word and deed, to the meek he was a lamb, to the self-important a lion, to the proud a sword."

The tomb was originally placed in the center of the first bay of the nave, between the west portal and the labyrinth. In 1762 it was removed to the inside of the west facade, and in 1867 it was placed in its present position in the south arcade of the nave. Evrard's predecessors, Richard de Gerberoy and Thibaut de Heilly, had been buried in the nearby church of Saint-Martin-aux-Jumeaux.

Local tradition suggests that Robert de Luzarches died soon after the founding bishop, G. Durand, Monographie, I, 26, "Suivant une opinion qui tend a s'accrediter, Robert de Luzarches n'aurait pas tarde a suivre dans la tombe Evrard de Fouilloy qui est mort en 1222" Boucher, in his imaginative essay, "Robert de Luzarches," 292, placed the date of Robert's death in 1223.