V. de Beauville, Documents inedits, IV, XXXVI, 47-48.

Enguerrand, vidame of Amiens and lord of Piquigny, informs all those who shall see the present letters that I have given and granted amiably and in good will to the honorable father my lord Geoffroy, bishop of Amiens, and to the other bishops who succeed him a piece of land that I have and hold from him at Amiens beside his episcopal palace to do with what he likes and to build. And let it be known that Margaret my wife and Geras my eldest son and Renaud my son and Ida my daughter, at my request, confirm and firmly and aimiably grant the afore-mentioned piece of land for greater sureness, out of love of my lord the bishop. And so that this thing may be firm and established and its truth proven for ever, I have confirmed this present charter with my seal in the year of Incarnation of our Lord 1223 in the month of December. And there were then present in our house at Clari [Clairy-Saulchoix, Somme, near Molliens?] Margaret my wife, Gerald, my older son, Renaud my son and Yde, my daughter, and the chatelain of Moliens [Moliens Vidame, Somme] and the sire of Fourdenoi [Fourdrinoy, Somme, near Picquigny] and the sire of Beesloi [Belloy-sur-Somme, near Picquigny] and the chatelain of Hangest sur Somme and several others.

Note: we do not know what was to be built, see G. Durand, Monographie, I, 22.