Amiens, Bibl. mun., MS 516 fol 95 ro-vo, copy (18th century?) of the privileges of the H™tel Dieu. The prologue indicates that this transcript was made after the original was destroyed in the fire of 1258. See also G. Durand, Monographie, I, 17, notes 5 and 32. Note: legibility and grammar are both problematic at times.

Arnulphus, by the grace of God bishop of Amiens, to the beloved sons in Christ the preceptors and brothers of the hospital of the blessed John of Amiens, greetings, and the increase of religion. Through the pastoral office entrusted to us, though unworthy, by divine mercy we are held to provide not only for your house but also for many other matters entrusted to our care, we should particularly embrace that [house] which we see with our own eyes by day and night aiding the poor and pilgrims, fulfilling the office of Martha, which lest it ever be disturbed, ought to be aided by human help if it should better profit things instituted for eternity. Thus, since after the burning of our church many gifts of alms not only to you but also to many others have been offered for its reconstruction, as it is reported, by our predecessors of happy memory, Evrard and Geoffrey, bishops of Amiens with the consent of the chapter and the citizens of Amiens who also obtained the favorable consent of our lord the king, it was first ordained regarding the translation of your house and the healthful establishment to the honor of God [there] of the parish of Saint-Firmin. And although from this you seem to be perturbed since you do not know at present about the losses that you declare for judgement. And so, having talked it over with the afore-mentioned chapter and citizens in counsel because of the pressure of time which moves us to establish the parish of Saint-Firmin where it should be, it is, we think, sufficiently well established with the consent of the abbot and convent of Saint-Martin aux Jumeaux of Amiens that you should freely celebrate in your chapel in the parish of Saint Leu that you hold along with other things. We will be prepared with God's blessing, to perform the office of blessing so that with you it will be provided concerning the assignment of the land.

In any case, moreover, whether it is empty or occupied, all the land from your hall to the bank of the river shall remain yours to do as you like. And beyond this, one hundred pounds in money of Paris will be paid to you from the fabric fund of our church each year at All Saints for five years, for your losses and for setting your buildings in order for your benefit. And because of the uncertainties [where] we can give no ruling, it was added to this ordinance that the venerable dean and penitencier of [the chapter] of Amiens and Firmin Ruffus and Firmin de Sorebus, our citizens, having audited the accounts of your expenses and [enquired into] the damages already occasioned from the transfer of your site, having enquired into the truth in good faith, with consideration only for God will ordain concerning all else that should be restored to you. These same four indeed shall retain whatever they judge best from your afresaid land which is between the hall and the bank of the afore-mentioned river for the use of the church of Saint-Firmin. And lest quarrel or discord arise between you and the brothers who already dwell in the other house, we want their house to be built as quickly as possible to receive them and the pilgrims who dwell and who shall dwell there, that meanwhile a separation [fence] should made between you and them so that neither they by you nor you by them can be disturbed.

Moreover, we want you to know and be assured that we will cause the apostolic privilege that you hold to be renewed in the same form without cost to you. Since, moreover, all these matters shall be ordained at the wish and with the assent of the chapter and all the afore-mentioned, as the seal of the chapter appended with ours approves and confirms, we encourage you in the Lord, embracing your mother church with pious hearts, to be patient, no longer being vexed that because of its necessity you are transfered elsewhere, Where, as we believe and see, however sad you may be for a time, with God's help and because of the amplitude of the place and the breadth of the river and the healthy air you can later be transferred as is read of the prophet whose God, having approved his patience, after many tribulations, blessed his later [years] more than his beginning. Done in the year of our Lord 1238 in the month of August.