Cartulaire, I, item 316, 362-364.

Concerning the rent payments of the house of the priest of Saint-Firmin. Arnulphus, by grace of God bishop of Amiens, to all those who read the present letters, greetings in the Lord.

In the letters of our beloved predecessor Geoffrey, bishop of Amiens, left to us, we find contained, that the church of Amiens was burned in the time of Evrard of pious memory, bishop of Amiens, then presiding over the church; it was ordained by the same Evrard, with the consent of the clergy and people of Amiens and it was necessary that the foundation of the said church should be enlarged, for which enlargement it was appropriate that the church of Saint-Firmin, situated in the rear, should yield its site [to the mother church]. And because that church was out of the way and hidden for its parishioners, and the house of the hospital was placed in a way that was dangerous, it seemed, for the entire city, a praiseworthy addition to the above ordinance decreed that the church of Saint-Firmin should be transferred to the house of the hospital and the hospital to the great bridge, to the place purchased by Johannes de Croy, once a citizen of Amiens. So, noting that this transfer was pleasing to God, and wishing to accomplish in the time of our administration what our afore-mentioned predecessors because of their death could not do, at the instance of our chapter and the citizens of Amiens we have had the parish seat of Saint-Firmin transferred to the house where the hospital used to be. But because that place did not suffice for the canons and the parishioners of Saint-Firmin, and the priests of the same place did not have their own houses, from whose distance the greatest danger daily threatens the entire parish especially since they should always be ready to offer the sacraments to their parishioners, as necessity demands, at the repeated instance and the prayers of our beloved son Robert, priest in the same place for his parishioners, it is ordained by us and by the afore-mentioned chapter that the house that Gregory, former priest, held from the gift of bishop Evrard of happy memory and the other adjacent house which belonged to William of Dompno-Medardo, former canon of Saint-Firmin the Confessor and also the land that Bishop Geoffrey of pious memory, our predecessor, gave to the chapter near those houses of the Confessor, should be ceded in perpetuity for the dwelling of the said Robert, priest, and his successors, priests, for an annual rent of 8 pounds of Paris to be rendered for ever to the chapter by the said Robert, priest, and his successors, priests, for having their dwelling there and for increasing the fabric of the said church, i.e. one hundred sous on the feast of Saint Martin in winter and on the Sunday in albs, sixty sous, for which sums the same Robert, priest, has obligated himself and those priests who happen to succeed him to the said chapter both for the house and altars. The dean and the said chapter shall be held to warrant to all people the said houses and the aforementioned land to Robert and the priests who succeed him.

Thus, these things, provided by divine counsel, as we believe, and with the consent and will both of the afore-mentioned chapter and the canons of Saint-Firmin the Confessor the approved obligation regarding the houses and services we have had recorded and written in a cyrograph and sealed both by the seal of the chapter and our own seal in witness and confirmation of this thing. Done in 1241 in the month of June.