Cartulaire, I, item 325, 373.

On the ringing of bells during processions.

In the year of Our Lord 1243, in our general chapter held after the feast of the blessed Mary Magdalene, the reverend father Arnulphus, by the grace of God bishop of Amiens, granted to us that in all processions, in the interval between the calling of the procession and the sounding of the bells that is made when the returning procession enters the choir, there shall be the continuous ringing of the two smallest bells, and that in all great double feasts sung without the cum eo the peal of bells that until now had been done with six lesser bells in future [shall be done] with eight bells of the tower toward the cloister, that is [with the bells named] Gentiana and Benedicta, in addition to the other six. Indeed, in the great double feasts with the cum eo the two greatest bells shall be added to those eight, except in the peal of bells at the end of mass, which should only be done with eight.