Amiens, Bibl. mun., MS 516, 78, copy (eighteenth century?) of charter of bishop Gˇrard de Conchy

G[erard de Conchy], by grace of God, bishop of Amiens, to all those who read the present letters, eternal greetings in the Lord. Since the translation of the hospital of Saint John of Amiens, which used to be in front of our church at Amiens, where the church of Saint Firmin the Confessor is being constructed, that church has yielded to our church. In the parish of Saint-Leu of Amiens by wise deliberations provided with the assent of our predecessors and our chapter and the mayor and aldermen of Amiens, it was ordained and [since] in this the religious men, the abbot and convent of Saint-Martin aux Jumeaux of Amiens to whom the right of patronage of the church of Saint-Leu is known to belong, assert that they are seriously harmed because the said hospital had been constructed within the boundaries of the same parish, in which offerings are gathered as well as other parish rights which are known to belong to the care of the same parish, let it be known that we, in this considering the interest of the church of Saint John and Saint Martin, promise as recompense for the afore-mentioned losses and injuries to obligate ourselves that we shall find and provide one hundred sous in Parisian currency each year for the benefit of the afore-mentioned church of Saint Martin, which the said church shall freely receive and have for ever. We promise also that each year at Easter we shall pay one hundred sous in Parisian currency to the church of Saint Martin which shall possess the annual revenue of the said one hundred sous. In witness to this thing we have fortified these letters with the protection of our seal. Done in the year of our Lord 1247.

See also G. Durand, Monographie, I, 33