Amiens, Bibl. mun., MS 832, Notices historiques sur la ville d'Amiens commencˇes par M. Jean Pag¸s et continuˇes par M. Achille Machart, 67-68

In the year 1279 on May 23 Philip the Bold, son of Saint Louis his predecessor, and Edward I, king of England, concluded a peace treaty in the town of Amiens in the presence of Simon de Brie, cardinal and legate, of Guillaume, archbishop of Rouen, of Philippe, bishop of Evreux, of Renaud, bishop of Beauvais, of Guy, bishop of Langres, of Robert, bishop of Bayeux, of Guillaume, bishop of Amiens, and of the prince of Salerno, son of the king of Sicily. The chapter of the cathedral being on the point of changing the ch‰sse of Saint Firmin the Confessor and that of Ste Ulphe, the virgin, profited from the occasion and in the presence of this august assembly, the translation took place into the choir of the cathedral. See also Arch. Somme, Cartul VI, fol. 32 vo and G. Durand Monographie, I, 38.