Column figure: Malachi

Lower quatrefoil: Lord punishes priests= Malachi 2:1-2
Upper qf: unworthy priests=Malachi 1:7

Column figure: Zechariah

Lower qf: Zechariah forced to watch=Zechariah 5:5-6
Upper qf: Woman in urn=Zechariah 5:9

Column figure: Haggai

Lower qf: Lord points to ruined temple=Haggai 1:7
Upper qf: Temple in ruins=Haggai 1:3-4


Tympanum: Invention and translation of St. Firmin's relics=Acta Sanctorum, September, VII, pp. 30-31. Translated in S. Murray, Notre Dame of Amiens (1996), p. 204, notes 42 and 43.


Column Figure: Zephaniah
Lower qf: Hedgehog in Nineveh=Zephaniah 2:14
Upper qf: Lord with lantern=Zephaniah 1:12

Column Figure: Habakkuk
Lower qf: Prophet brings Daniel bread=Daniel 14:33
Upper qf: Prophet forced to write=Habakkuk 2:2

Column Figure: Nahum
Lower qf: All strongholds as fig trees=Nahum 3:12
Upper qf: None shall look back=Nahum 2:8

Column figure: Daniel
Lower qf: Belshazzar's feast=Daniel 5:22-23
Upper qf: Daniel in lions' den=Daniel 6:16

Column Figure: Ezechiel
Lower qf: Lord as architect=Ezechiel 40:3
Upper qf: Vision of wheels=Ezechiel 1:15-16

Trumeau figure: Christ as Beau-Dieu=Psalm 91:11-13

Column Figure: Isaiah
Lower qf: Isaiah's lips cleansed=Isaiah 6:6-7
Upper qf: Throne and seraphim=Isaiah 6:1-3

Column Figure: Jeremiah
Lower qf: Hananiah breaks J's bonds=Jeremiah 28:10
Upper qf: Jeremiah buries girdle=Jeremiah 13:3-4

Door Jambs:
Wise Virgins=Matthew 25:1-2,4
Foolish Virgins=Matthew 25:1-3


Lower register:
Michael with scales=St. John Chrysostom, cited in E.
Male, The Gothic Image (1958), p. 376.
Resurrection of bodies=St. Paul, 1 Corinthians 15:51-52

Middle register:
The Blessed=St. Augustine, City of God, Book 22,
Chapter 30.
The Damned=Picard sermon, c. 1300

Upper register: Christ as Son of Man=Matthew 25:31-33

Top register: Apocalyptic Christ=Apocalypse 1:13-16

Column figure: Micah
Lower qf: Every man under his vine=Micah 4:4
Upper qf: Micah sees Lord in Zion=Micah 4:8

Column Figure: Jonah
Lower qf: Jonah under gourd=Jonah 4:6-7
Upper qf: Jonah and whale=Jonah 2:11

Column Figure: Obadiah
Lower qf: Obadiah kneels to king=3 Kings 18:7 (that's the Douay
translation; in the King James Version it's 1 Kings)
Upper qf: Obadiah before king=[same as above?]

Column Figure: Queen of Sheba -- 1 Kings 10:1-2
Lower qf: Solomon instructs Sheba=3 Kings 10:13
Upper qf: Feast of Solomon=3 Kings 8:65

Column Figure: Solomon -- 1 Kings 10:3-5
Lower qf: Solomon's prayer=3 Kings 8:22-23
Upper qf: Solomon on throne=3 Kings 10:18-19

Column Figure: Herod=Matthew 2:7-8
Upper qf: Massacre of the Innocents=Matthew 2:16

Column Figure: Magus 1 -- Matthew 2:9
Upper qf: Herod inquires of Magi=Matthew 2:7

Column Figure: Magus 2 -- Matthew 2:10
Upper qf: Isaiah's prophecy=Isaiah 60:2-3

Column Figure: Magus 3 -- Matthew 2:11
Lower qf: Dream of Magi=Matthew 2:12
Upper qf: Balaam's prophecy=Numbers 24:17

Trumeau figure: Mary -- a Picard sermon, c. 1300
Lower qf: Scenes of Adam and Eve=Picard sermon
Upper qf: Serpent=Genesis 3:1

Column Figure: Gabriel -- Luke 1:28,31
Lower qf: Moses and burning bush=Exodus 3:2-6
Upper qf: Nebuchadnessar's dream=Daniel 4:1-2

Col. fig.: Annunciate Mary -- Luke 1:34,38
Lower qf: Aaron's rod=Numbers 17:8
Upper qf: Gideon's fleece=Judges 6:36-38

Column Figure: Visitation Mary -- Luke 1:39-41
Lower qf: Birth of John Baptist=Luke 1:57
Upper qf: Annunciation to Zachariah=Luke 1:11,13

Column Figure: Elisabeth -- Luke 1:42
Lower qf: Zachariah writes John's name=Luke 2:62-63
Upper qf: Zachariah's incredulity=Luke 1:18

Column Figure: Presentation Mary -- Luke 2:27
Lower qf: Christ and the doctors=Luke 2:46-47
Upper qf: Flight into Egypt=Matthew 2:13

Column Figure: Simeon -- Luke 2:25, 28-30
Lower qf: Return to Nazareth=[?]
Upper qf: Fall of the idols=James of Voragine, The Golden Legend,
Book I, p. 66.

Lower register: Ark of Covenant=Exodus 25:9-11
Middle register:
Dormition of Virgin=James of Voragine, The Golden
Legend, Book II, pp. 451-52.
Assumption of Virgin=James of Voragine, The Golden Legend,
Book II, p. 454.
Upper register: Coronation of Virgin= Song of Songs 2:1-2, 4:8

Lower qf: Amos tends flock=Amos 7:14-15
Upper qf: Lord with plumb line=Amos 7:7

Column figure: Amos
Lower qf: Amos listens=Amos 1:2
Upper qf: Lord roars from Sion=Amos 1:2

Column Figure: Joel
Lower qf: The vine dried up=Joel 1:12
Upper qf: Sun and moon are darkened=Joel 2:10

Column Figure: Hosea
Lower qf: Hosea converts adultress=Hosea 3:1-2
Upper qf: Hosea marries whore=Hosea 1:2