E-Text 2

Passing Through: Layfolk

Here we approach, move through and ascend to the upper parts of the cathedral in a continuing forward movement sometimes referred to as ductus--from ducere, to lead.  In order to understand the great work of architecture we have to move through it in a kind of pilgrimage.  John Ruskin's Bible of Amiens is an inspiration: Ruskin wants to accompany his readers/visitors as interlocutor, starting from afar, approaching, entering and moving through.  What can we see?--the forms of the building--and how should we talk about them?  And what can we not see?-- the historical and material circumstances of the medieval life of the cathedral which have long since been swept away: où sont les neiges d'antan.....?   These stories must be provided by you, the interlocutor--the website will prompt you.