Amiens Cathedral Choral Experience

Amiens Cathedral Choral Experience

This application presents five pieces performed in the choir of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens. The performance was recorded from three different locations in the cathedral: the choir, the crossing, and the west end of the nave. Clicking one of the titles will begin playing a piece. You can then move between the different locations in the cathedral to hear the varied acoustic quality by clicking the arrows in the panoramas.

To change the piece, click the music note icon which will appear at the top of the window.

The Singers

  • Philippe Belley
  • Alexandre Nervet-Palma
  • Stephan Olry
  • Erwan Picquet (EP)
  • Vincent Pislar (VP)
  • Christian Ploix (CP)
  • Damien Rivière (DR)
  • Jesús Rodil Rodríguez


Benjamin Bagby


Frédéric Billiet

Sound Engineer

Marie-Angélique Mennecier

1) Kyrie 'Fons bonitatis' [All]

  • Troped Kyrie, quoted in the Ordinary of Amiens Cathedral (Liber ordinarius, Raoul de Rouvroy, 1291)
  • Biblioteca comunale, Assisi, Ms 695 (ff. 9-9v), 13th century [origin : Reims or Paris]

2) Plebs Ambianica + Magnificat [All]

  • Antiphon from the Office of St Firmin, cathedral chapter of Amiens, Ordinary of the Church of Amiens (1306)
  • Archives départementales de la Somme, Amiens, G 2976 (f. 71)

3) Deus in adjutorium [CP, VP, EP]

  • Three-part conductus
  • Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de Montpellier, Section Médecine, Ms H196 (f. 1), c. 1280 [origin : Paris]

4) Christe eleyson - Jean Mouton (c. 1459-1522) [DR, CP, VP, EP]

  • Four-part Christe eleyson [Missa Tu es Petrus]
  • Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Ms Capp. Sist. 16 (ff. 132v-133), c. 1512-1517 [origin : Rome]

5) Ave Maria - Jean Mouton (c. 1459-1522) [CP, VP, EP]

  • Three-part motet [Trium Vocum Cantiones Centum (Nürnberg, 1541)]
  • Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Mus. ant. pract. P 655

All pieces were performed from reproductions of the original sources.
The pronunciation of French Latin is based on Olivier Bettens’ works and advice (