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Notre-Dame, Cathedral of Amiens

The spaces of the cathedral bring together three groups in collaboration and, sometimes, in conflict.
  • Passing Through: Layfolk

    PASSING THROUGH follows the ephemeral interventions of layfolk, like ourselves, or medieval pilgrims, townsfolk or parishioners who come and go, attracted by liturgical activities, the power of the saints and the Virgin Mary or simply by the splendors of the cathedral.
  • Presence of the Clergy

    PRESENCE OF THE CLERGY introduces the world of the resident clergy, who day after day performed the liturgy of the Divine Office and the sacraments. Their presence is particularly powerful in the magnificently-appointed choir stalls.
  • Production: Artisans

    PRODUCTION brings the world of the artisans: masons, carpenters, glaziers, painters who, in close collaboration with the clergy, created forms, images and spaces which still have the power to enthrall us.

Featured Content

  • The program of sculpture in the west portals can be understood as a Bible or as a Sermon in Stone.  The portals also provide a permanent embodiment of some of the great feasts of the Christian year.  As a Bible, the program projects the four ways of reading the Scriptures taught in the Paris Schools.

  • The stalls are located on either side of the choir. The canons would gather here to celebrate the mass and liturgical feast days. The enclosure which survives today was constructed in the early sixteenth century. Here, you will discover miniature sculptures that represent scenes from biblical stories and daily life in Amiens.