Work of the Sculptors 2

Local "Demotic" Mode

Quite unlike the elegance of the Antique Revival style is the use of figures with no contrapposto, flaccid drapery and a doll-like shape with thick neck and rounded head.  This is found particularly in the lintels and tympanum of the north portal of Saint Firmin.  The contrast between the six seated bishops in the lower lintel of this portal and the six patriarchs in the south portal is particularly striking.  Architectural elements (the canopy over the head of the trumeau figure of Saint Firmin) are clumsy.  The same characteristics can be found in the column figures of the south transept portal which represent generic clerical types with angels.  The crinkled drapery of the angel to the left of the doorway has a touch of the "Antique" style.  It is possible that these figures were originally intended for the north portal of the west facade but were found unsatisfactory.