Noah's ark

Sacrifice of Melchisidech

Abraham and three angels

God renews his promise to Abraham

God has demanded sacrifice of Isaac; Abraham loads mule

Abraham and Isaac set out for sacrifice

Abraham unharnesses the ass

Abraham, about to sacrifice Isaac, is shown a goat

Abraham sacrifices the goat

Abraham now old, Isaac to take a wife

Departure of Abraham's servant, Eliezer, with caravan

Rebecca comes to the well

Rebecca gives Eliezer water to drink

Rebecca waters camels; Eliezer opens treasure box

Eliezer offers presents to Rebecca

Eliezer received in the house of Bathuel, Rebecca's father

Departure of Rebecca

Rebecca, pregnant, in prayer

Esau sells his birthright to Jacob

Isaac calls Esau (his favorite) for game

Rebecca sends Jacob to kill a goat

Rebecca prepares mutton stew

Rebecca puts animal skins over Jacob's hands

Jacob presents dish to Isaac

Isaac blesses Jacob

Esau brings his game to Isaac

Esau's anger, Isaac sends Jacob to go stay with his brother Laban

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob consecrates stone (altar)

Meeting of Jacob and Rachel (Laban's daughter)

Jacob received in Laban's house

Laban scolds Jacob

Reconciliation of Jacob and Laban

Jacob visited by three angels

Jacob sends messengers with gifts to Esau

Messengers announce that Esau is attacking with 400 men

Jacob wrestles with an angel

Reconciliation of Jacob and Esau

Joseph tells brothers of dream of the wheat sheaves

Joseph's dream of the sun and moon

Arrival of Ismaelite spice merchants

Joseph pulled out of well and sold to merchants

Misplaced image of the Tower of Babel OR Hebrews working in Egypt

Ruben returns to well to find Joseph gone

Ruben asks his brothers, where is Joseph?

Joseph brought before Potiphar, who pays merchants

Potiphar's wife tries to seduce Joseph

Joseph flees Potiphar's wife

Potiphar's wife calls guards

Potiphar's wife accuses Joseph, who is imprisoned

Potiphar's two eunuchs, butler and baker, offend him and are imprisoned

Pharaoh summons all the wise men of Egypt to interpret his dream

Butler tells Pharaoh of Joseph

Pharaoh goes to liberate Joseph from prison

David cuts off Goliath's head (misplaced)

Pharaoh has Joseph marry Asenath, daughter of Putiphere, priest of On

Arms of Dean Adrien de Hénencourt

Famine in Canaan; Joseph sends sons to Egypt for grain

The brothers before Joseph

Joseph charges sons as spies; sends them to prison

Joseph keeps Simeon as hostage while other brothers return

Joseph has brothers' payment put in sacks of grain

Nine brothers return on foot with grain on donkeys

Discovery of the silver coins hidden in the sack

Brothers return to Jacob to tell him that the governor of Egypt demands the youngest son, Benjamin

Jacob sends his sons back to Egypt with Benjamin

Brothers travel back to Egypt with Benjamin

Benjamin presented to Joseph

Joseph has brothers brought into the house

The brothers, afraid, present themselves to the steward

Simeon released from prison; the brothers wash their feet

Joseph enters; the brothers offer gifts

Egyptians and Hebrews dine at different tables

Joseph has sacks refilled; adds silver cup for Benjamin

Joseph sends his guards after his brothers

The sacks are opened: discovery of silver the cup

Brothers return to Joseph

Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers

The brothers return to Jacob and tell him that Joseph is alive

Reunion of Jacob and Joseph

Joseph presents Jacob to Pharaoh

Jacob has Joseph promise to bury him with his ancestors

Joseph brings his sons to Jacob

Joseph's children brought to Jacob

Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manesses, favoring younger brother Ephraim

Jacob, dying, blesses Joseph and leaves him his goods

(misplaced) Joseph supervising grain distribution

Pharaoh has Hebrew babies drowned

Hebrew child hidden in basket; mother's sister watches

Pharaoh's daughter finds child

Moses's mother hired as wetnurse

Moses nursed by his own mother

Pharaoh's daughter adopts child and calls him Moses

Moses kills Egyptian who is abusing a Hebrew

Pharaoh learns of murder; Moses takes flight

Israelites in the desert guided by a column of smoke

Israelites gather manna in desert

Aaron places manna in the Tabernacle

Moses receives the Law; murmurings of the people

The Golden Calf; Moses throws down Tablets of the Law

Moses pulverizes Calf, makes Hebrews drink

New Tablets

Sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abiu, offer sacrifice. It is rejected; they expire.

Cult of the idol of Moloch

The Brazen Serpent

(misplaced?) Moses strikes water from the rock

David fights lion and bear

Saul equips David to fight Goliath

David kills Goliath

(misplaced) Joseph brought to Egypt

Panorama: Dean's Stall



Panorama: King's Stall