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Column Figures

Peter, tonsured holds the cross of his martyrdom and two keys expressing the power to free and to bind. Peter is also seen in the tympanum leading the saved to heaven. In console: Fall of Simon Magus who had tried to counter Peter and Paul in front of Nero. Sack of money around his neck because he had offered Peter money for the power of the Holy Sprit

Andrew, Peter's brother. Carries upright cross (restored) instead of diagonal. In console: his torturer and executioner, the Proconsul Aegeas--transformed by Caudron into one of Three Kings.

James the Greater with cockle shell on his pouch. Sword refers to his decapitation by Herod Agrippa who is depicted in console.

John, unbearded with chalice (restored but probably correct). In console: Emperor Domition, who tortured him.

Simon or Jude (killed on same day). His palm is modern On console one of the magi who stirred up the people of Samir against the two apostles.

Bartholomew probably originally held cutlass--the axe done by Caudron Console figure not identifiable.