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Visual Resources

Select one of the portfolios below to view a collection of organized images.

Large and growing database of digital images in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Includes Art History Survey collection, Carnegie Arts of the United States, the Digital Bartsch, MoMA's Digital Design Collection and others.
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  British Museum, Compass search results: "Indian Painting"
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  British Museum, Compass search results: "Indian Sculpture "
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  Columbia Image Bank [Keyword search: "India," "Buddhist," "Jain," & "Pakistan" ]
Over 27,000 high-quality digital images with a special emphasis on those required for teaching the history of Western Art. Included are images from many of the world’s major collections including the Louvre, Musée D’Orsay, Uffizi Palace, and the Prado as well as many important archaeological sites including Ephesus, Pergamum and Mycenae. The images are licensed chiefly from Saskia, Ltd., and are subject to certain use restrictions. (Displayed using the Luna Insight® system.)
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The Mnemosyne: Visual Culture Database houses more than 45,000 images of the fine arts, architecture, and archaeology with a wide selection of both Western and Non-Western subjects. We named the database Mnemosyne (pronunciation), the daughter of Uranus and Gaea, the personification of Memory, and, most importantly, the mother of the nine Muses, patron goddesses of the arts. The scope of the database reflects the curricula of the Department of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University and Barnard College. This database is no longer updated with new images.
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  Indus Valley Civilization
  Ashokan Art
  Sanchi Buddhist Stupa
  Early Buddhist Caves
  Introduction of the Buddha Image
  Gupta Temples & Images
  Ajanta Caves
    See also: Ajanta Cave 1 panorama and detail images.
  Elephanta Cave-Temple
  Rock-cut Kailasa Temple at Ellora
  The Chola Temple
  Khajuraho Temples
  Expanded Temple
  Qutb Mosque

Vijayanagara and the Deccan (PowerPoint study guides)


Chittorgarh and Babur's Char Bagh (PowerPoint study guides)


Humayun's Tomb and Fatehpur Sikri (PowerPoint study guides)

  A Safavid Iranian Shahnameh

Akbari and Jahangiri Painting (PowerPoint study guides)

  Sub-Imperial Mughal Ramayana
  The Mewari Ramayana of Rana Jagat Singh
  Taj Mahal

Shahjahanabad (Abdul Al-Rahim Khankhanan)

  Paintings in the Himalayan Foothills: Basohli & Kangra
  Early Modern Cities: Calcutta and Jaipur
  British Artists in India
  William Hodges and the Picturesque
  Raja Ravi Varma
  Art and Nationalism
  British Architecture in Bombay & New Delhi
  New Delhi Capitol Complex
  Modern & Contemporary
  Post Independence Architecture: Chandigarh and Charles Correa

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