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Primary Sources

Primary sources are historical documents providing rare and valuable information about a building or work of art. These sources take many forms including scholarly texts, government records, diaries, and letters. Usually preserved in state or local archives, modern scholars examine these texts for both factual and interpretive information.

Secondary Sources
Secondary sources are written by scholars using information derived from historical documents, archaeological investigation and intellectual interpretation. This list contains all of the secondary supporting texts available on this site.


Interactive Groundplans & QTVR Movies
Interactive ground plans and QTVR movies allow you to explore buildings emphasizing the spatial configuration.

The glossary provides written definitions of specialized terms.

Three-Dimensional Glossary
The 3-D glossary allows you to explore and interact with architectural elements such as domes, vaults, and columns.

Including: twenty-five maps from The Penguin Atlas of Medieval History and other related maps.

This section includes descriptions of Christian iconography important for an understanding of the visual arts in the Middle Ages. This includes scenes from the Old and New Testament, the Life of the Virgin, the Life of Christ, and Lives of the Saints.


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