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Saint Amandus

Amandus (ca. 584–675) bishop of Maastricht. Amandus was a monk in Flanders and in Northern France who preached throughout the region and founded several monasteries and nunneries, including ones in Ghent and Elnon. He served as abbot of Elnon for four years and was made a bishop in 628. The cult of Amandus was celebrated in Flanders, Picardy, and England.

Excerpt from The Golden Legend

It happed that ... by the will of the king, [St. Amandus] would edify a monastery of monks; then a bishop that was of the next city took it grievously and was much angry therewith, and commanded his servants to cast him out or else they [w]ould slay him. And anon they came to him and said to him, in guile and treason, that he should go with them and they would show to him a place apt and good, and water enough, for to edify upon a monastery for monks.

And he that knew their malice and their evil purpose went with them unto the top of an high mountain whereas they would have slain him, and he desired much the martyrdom for the love of our Lord, and for to come in his company; but anon suddenly descended from heaven such a tempest of rain and of orage, that it covered all the mountain so much that that one could not see that other, and supposed to have died suddenly. And they fell down to the earth upon their knees, praying him to pardon them, and that they might depart thence alive. For whom he put himself to prayer, and anon the storm was appeased and the weather fair. They went to their place, and [St. Amandus] thus escaped from this peril.

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