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Saint Demetrios

Demetrios (ca. 270–306), Greek martyr. One of the most popular saints of the Orthodox Church, Demetrios was allegedly executed at the order of Emperor Maximian in Thessalonike. While the burial place of Saint Demetrios remained obscure at first, the martyr's church at Thessalonike soon developed into the focal point of his cult. His relics are said to have oozed myrrh, which was then collected by pilgrims.

Excerpt from The Golden Legend

... It happed so that the emperor was gone to see a battle that should be done, for much he delighted him to see shedding of human blood. In the same battle was a man named Lineus, which because of the victories that he in his days had had, was much loved of the emperor, but as fortune change[s] oft[en], it happed that this Lineus was there wounded to death. And when the emperor was returned into his palace, sorrowful and angry at the death of the same Lineus, mention of [Demetrios] was made unto him. Then was the emperor sore moved against him, insomuch that in the same prison where he was, sore fettered and hard holden, he made him to be [stuck] through and through his body with sharp spears.

The which [St. Demetrios] thus ever witnessing the name of Jesus, consummated there his martyrdom. Many miracles were made by his merits and by his good virtues on all them that with good faith devoutly reclaimed him. A man that was called Lemicius, who heartily loved and served God, gave much of his goods to the house where the holy corpse of St. Demetrios was buried, and made the place greater than it was [be]fore, and [built] there an oratory or chapel in the honour of the said martyr [Demetrios].

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