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Saint Martial

Martial (3rd c.), bishop and patron saint of Limoges. According to Gregory of Tours, Martial was one of seven bishop sent from Rome to Limoges in Gaul to preach the Gospels. Here, he is said to have performed many miracles and to have converted many local inhabitants, including St. Valerie, to Christianity.

Excerpt from The Golden Legend

[St. Martial] went into the temple where the priests of the idols were, [who] beat him grievously, and [then] put him in prison. On the morn, as he made his prayer, there descended a light so great upon him that men might not behold him, the chains of iron burst, and the doors of the prison opened, the keepers and they [who] were there [requested] to be baptized and the priests [who] had so beaten him were [struck] to death by thunder and lightning. Then the others [who] were there came to [St. Martial], in to the prison, and prayed him that he would raise them that so were [struck] to death by the thunder, promising to him that if he so did they all would be baptized. Then our Lord by his prayer raised them again from death to life. Then that same time were turned to Christian faith and baptized twelve thousand creatures, as well men as women.

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