This project has been made possible, in part, by a grant from The National Endowment for the Humanities. ArtStor has also provided generous support for fieldwork behind this project.
We would like to express our appreciation to Jane Glaubinger, Curator of Prints at the
Cleveland Museum of Art, for her kind permission to use their impression of Jacopo
de’Barbari’s Bird’s Eye View of Venice for this project.
We would like to thank Barbara Ashbrook, Senior Program Officer, Division of Education
Projects, for her advice and encouragement during the development of this project.
Faculty Director
David Rosand, Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art History
Producer, 2002-2005
Robert Carlucci
Producer, 2006-2007
James Conlon
Johann Fassl
Casa Muraro: Columbia University Center for Study in Venice
Educational Technologist | Site Designer
Juliet Yung-Yi Chou
Field Photography, QTVR construction
Cassy Juhl
Field Photography, QTVR construction, KML programming & design
Pilar Peters
Graduate Student Research Associate
Emily Breault