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Italy, Rome, St. Peter's Basilica | Objects

Italy, Rome, Old St. Peters, plan of west end showing
transept located between nave and apse (Jongkees, 1966)

Raphael, Cartoon for the Tapestry of the Healing of the Lame Man, c. 1515-16, goache on paper

Italy, Rome, Casket from Pola, showing the Ciborium of St. Peter's (?), ivory, Museo Arcgaeologico, Venice

Italy, Rome, Vatican Museums, Sarcophagus of City Prefect Junius Bassus (d. 359 CE) with scenes of the Passion

Samples of marble showing the variety of colors and textures available in the ancient world, from Enciclopedia dell'arte antica, III, Rome 1995
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