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Learn more about the African Iron Age as well as the History and Politics of Archaeology in Southern Africa. Dr Martin Hall, Dr Lynn Meskell, and Ms Lindsay Weiss discuss these topics in an interview from the fall of 2003. These links will lead you to segments of the interview as well as collections of images, texts, and links to additional information.*

Race, Politics, & Archaeology in South Africa
The African Iron Age
Full interview with Martin Hall [large file: 50 mb]


Listen to interviews between Dr Lynn Meskell, Ms Lindsay Weiss, several KNP Rangers, and community members with close ties to Thulamela. These interviews were conducted in the late spring of 2004 and are mostly in Venda. You may downloade the English translations of all these interviews as well.

Mr Freddie M Munshelele Mr Joseph M Endani Ranger Leonard Ranger Madzuta
Mr Alpheus T Mudzanani Mr Alpheus Mapukumele Ranger Erik  
Columbia University National Science Foundation Kruger National Park, South Africa

* The content of the annotations to the lectures have been drawn from articles cited on the "text" page as well as the Oxford Companion to Archaeology (1996) and Martin Hall's The Changing Past: Farmers, Kings and Traders in Southern Africa, 200-1860 (1987).