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  Project Documents
  An introduction to the project, Lynn Meskell
  An introduction to Kruger National Park, Lynn Meskell
  The Poroposal to Kruger National Park, Lynn Meskell et. al.
Computer Science Documents
  "Querying Faceted Databases," Ken Ross & Angel Janevski
  "A Shadow Based Method for Image to Model Registration,"Alejandro J. Troccoli & Peter K. Allen
  Archaeology, Heritage & Politics in Southern Africa [you will need access to JSTOR to recieve many of these articles]
  Bunn, David. 2001. "Comaroff Country," interventions 3 (1): 5-23.
  Carruthers, J. 1994. "Dissecting the Myth: Paul Kruger and the Kruger National Park," Journal of Southern African Studies. 20 (2): 263-83.
  Hall, M. 1995. "The Legend of the Lost City; Or, the Man with the Golden Balls," Journal of Southern African Studies. 21 (2): 179-99.
  -------. 1984. "The Burden of Tribalism: The Social Context of Sothern African Iron Age Studies," American Antiquity. 49 (3): 455-67.
  Meskell, Lynn M. 2005. "Archaeological Ethnography: Conversations around Kruger National Park," Archaeologies : Journal of the World Archaeological Congress 1:1. (not available online)
  -------. Forthcoming. "Recognition, Restitution and Potentials of Postcolonial Liberalism for South African Heritage," South African Bulletin of Archaeology. (not available online)
  'Pwiti, G. 1996. "Let Our Ancestors Rest in Peace? New Challenges for Cultural Heritage Mangement in Zimbabwe," Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites 1:151-60. (not available online)
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  The African Iron Age and the Politics of Archaeology in Southern Africa, and interview with Martin Hall, Lynn Meskell, and Lindsay Weiss.
  Books for Further Study
  Carruthers, Jane 1995. The Kruger National Park:  A Social and Political History , Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press.
  Coombes, Anne E. 2003. History After Apartheid , Durham: Duke University Press
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Columbia University National Science Foundation Kruger National Park, South Africa