Work of the Sculptors 1

Antique Revival Mode

The use of crinkled drapery grooved with U-shaped furrows, contrapposto stance and classicizing facial types with almond eyes and curved brows is associated especially with the work on the north transept of Reims Cathedral in the 1220s and 30s.  At Amiens such work can be found in the south portal of the west façade, particularly the kings (voussoirs) Old Testament patriarchs (lintel), and the Dormition and Assumption (upper lintel).  In the column figures, it can be found especially in the Prophet Isaiah on the right side of the center portal and the local saint Ulphe in the north portal.  It is possible that "Ulphe" was originally intended to represent the Virgin Mary of the Annunciation--the Annunciate angel in the south portal still has some of the same kind of crinkled drapery.